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About Wilburg

Wilburg is a philosophy to thrive. We create concepts and environments which allow people to live better life and hence thrive. Conceptualized to offer fully intergrated services across domain of Value Added Real Estate (VAR), Amazing Miniature Golf Course Concepts, Speciliatized Facility Management Services including Indoor Air Quality Control and Waste Management, IT Data Security Wilburg vision is to create a habitat which is sustainable, livable and enjoyable.

With hosts of Joint Ventures from across the globe like Germguard Malaysia for Indoor Air Quality Management, Cerestek International for Waste Management, Harris Miniature Golf USA for amazing golf Ideas, LCOVE London for Multifunctional Furniture, Metanoia UK for data security, Wilburg is a house of amazing ideas and is strengthen its concepts with internationally renowned companies and partners who are experts in their areas.

Ranch & Living


Ranching and the cowboy tradition originated in Spain, out of the necessity to handle large herds of grazing animals on dry land from horseback.
When the Conquistadors came to the Americas in the 16th century, followed by settlers, they brought their cattle and cattle-raising techniques with them.

Concept & Living

As settlers from the United States moved west, they brought cattle breeds developed on the east coast and in Europe along with them, and adapted their management to the drier lands of the west by borrowing key elements of the Spanish vaquero culture.

Why Siliserh(Alwar) ?

Scenic Lake View

Siliserh Lake is a beautiful lake , Spread in 07 sq. Kms. area,Siliserh Lake is situated in Alwar, north eastern part of Rajasthan.

In the Lap of Natural Beauty

Red Mountain Ranches offers magnificent view of Beautiful Siliserh lake,Surrounded by Aravali mountains range.

Perfect for Sports & Activities

Siliserh Lake also has a platform in middle of lake to organise theme parties & diiner in middle of lake.

Delhi/NCR Region

It is located around 160 km south of Delhi. Alwar is part of National Capital Region (NCR).

Famous Tourist Spot

Siliserh Lake is just 20 Kms from famous Sariska National Park, it has animlas like Tiger, deer, smabhar, wild boar etc.

Feel Historic Royal Tradition

Alwar was formerly the capital of the princely state of Alwar. It was formerly spelt as "Ulwar" in British India.

Red Mountain Ranches

It doesn’t matter if you were born to ride or never met a horse. Red Mountain Ranches has a program for you. We offer options that will satisfy children, first time riders and equestrian experts.

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